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Structure & Governance

ERALED management concept
System on power, colleagues and focus on.
ERALED management idea
Integrate social resources, win-win cooperation, to satisfy the customer, and loyal.
ERALED values
Do the ERALED, country, enterprise, employees, and Shared interests.
Tree family atmosphere, communication, guidance and assistance, responsibility for when.
ERALED talent
Character, ability is moderate, dedicated for this, the team first.
ERALED services
Loyal, su ning service. Service is the only product su ning, customer satisfaction is the su ning service's ultimate objective.
View ERALED competition
Innovation, beyond the standard competition.
ERALED spirit
Persistent struggle, never say die.
ERALED employees professional ethics
Maintain company profit, it is strictly prohibited to shield their contacts, forbidden to present site, be an upright person for the honest and trustworthy, cheating the push is strictly prohibited
Are the refuge of the weak, work to save money, it is strictly prohibited to spread out vanity.
Su ning marketing personnel actions
Others warm manners, avoid by all means is slander counterparts; Rational courteous, avoid by all means is arbitrary talk that you never walk alone; Mutual respect and mutual communication, avoid by all means is heal
To oneself.
ERALED management behavior rules
Management service, avoid by all means is power standard; System focuses on execution, avoid by all means is a form now; Rewards and punishments according to the results, avoid by all means is subjective
ERALED service personnel actions
A smile from heart, avoid by all means is false; Service into the cause, avoid by all means is subtle perfunctory; Skills keep improving, avoid by all means is too
And before.


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