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A: LED display's development, history, application, usage Knowledge

1.1923: LED were invented
2.1965: first commercial LED were launched red, green, yellow LED lamps were launched later successive one by one
3.1990: Blue LED was invented by Nichia Company Japan.
4.1993: Blue LED lamps were launched into the market by Nichia company Japan.
5.1993: the full color LED display were launched into the market
6.1998: white LED lamps were invented.

B: Application of the LED display:
1. Commercial Advertising & Media: the main model for the full color LED display is P6-P20mm indoor & outdoor full color LED display.

2. Rental use LED display: P6mm indoor full color & P10mm,P12mm,P14mm,P16mm,P20mm virtual outdoor full color LED display is the main model for the rental use LED display.

The rental use LED display is more and more popular since the display's cost is too high for common one time business, for some events business, the full color LED display become even one necessary part of it. This is a very fast developing market in the LED display business.

3. Stadium perimeter LED display: only for the football, basketball stadium: 200-400 meters around the stadium: p16&p20 is the main model for the stadium display.

4. Mobile trailer LED display: P10 is the main model: install on two sides of the truck, and make advertising while moving.

5.Information showing system: Price information, weather & humidity information; news & notices & shop logo showing. It is especially fit for the oil station, train & bus station, air port small shops, etc:P25mm & P31.25mm outdoor full color & P20 outdoor double color,P10mm single color is the main model for outdoor system; P7.62 indoor full color/double color/single color is the main model for indoor system.

C: Developing prospect:
The LED display is a new and fast developing industry. It is a very new and fast growing business; tomorrow will be definitely more prosperous for the LED display business.

D: LED display basic knowledge & system theory:
display/screen/panel body+control system+signal sources+steel structure

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