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1.What is LED display, LED cabinet, LED module, LED module, LED pixel
The LED display is the final completed product for advertising or information showing, it was composed by a certain rows and lines of unit LED cabinet; the unit LED cabinet were composed by module certain quantity of LED modules, each LED module were composed by 16*16/16*8/8*8/4*4/1*1 LED pixels; each LED pixels were composed by 2R1G1B/2R2G1B/2R1B/2R1G/2R/1R�?.

2. What is virtual pixel, real pixel?
Real LED pixel is the physical LED pixel; virtual LED pixel is theoretically 4 times higher than real LED pixel. Actually, the real effect of the virtual pixel is not really 4 times better. It is only a much better, but not really can be 4 times better. When you LED display system is more than 640*480pixels, actually you don’t need to use virtual pixel if you plan to use the whole LED display for one advertising contents.
The most important reason why use virtual pixel is the red LED lamp’s brightness is not strong enough to match with the green and blue LED lamps to get the most pure white color. The virtual pixel is not popular any longer since the red lamp’s brightness is high enough to take place of conventional two red led lamps.


3. What is dot correction, why it is better than the common control system?
Dot correction is a new technology and will be the direction of future LED display industry. The much more improved color consistence & high fresh frequency make it be the only solution for high level advertising need.

4. How to choose the rational product model of the LED display
Corresponding with the LED display’s best viewing distance, size, application & installation, there will be many optional product models fit for each specific project. ROI & Budget is also very important factors.

5. What is the best viewing distance, how to calculate the best viewing distance of the LED display
Best viewing distance refers to the distance from the LED display, where the people can see a whole and clear picture of the image on the LED display.
There’s 2 ways to calculate the best viewing distance: one is by the pixel pitch, one is by the diagonal. There’s also the reason why there’s different viewing distance for same model LED display, also different viewing distance for same size LED display.



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