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Purpose & People

If you have interest to be our partner locally, pls let us know the following details:

1. Company registration document copy.
2. The financial report copy of last year.
3. The marketing and financial plan of LED display screen and LED lighting in the future.
4. We have no sole agent in your local district.

Eraled Partner's right/duty:

1. Sell the LED display screen and lighting products in the agent district
2.Get the most faverouble service and price.
3.Achieve not less than 800,000 USD sales amount each year
4.Buy only from the appointed partner.


Partner's rights & duty:

1. Sell the LED display screen & lighting products in the agent district
2. Get the most favorable service and price.
3. Achieve not less than 800,000 USD sales each year.
4. Buy only from the appointed partner (ERALED)

Supplier's rights & duty:
1. Supply free LED module samples for the customer to make necessary market promotion.
2. Offer free product knowledge training and servicing training
3. Send all the inquiries from the agent district to the agent.
4. Cancell the partnership if the partner cannot achieve 800,000 USD sales amount each year


District country policy:

1.If we have partner in your local district already, then you can not be our partner there any longer unless our current partner agreement become invalid
2. As long as you are ERALED’s local partner,,we will offer you all our local fasilities in your district to help you achieve the best market share.
3.If you want to be our partner, your company need to achieve the minimum sales amount per year, the sales amount requirements is corresponding with your district’s economy scale.
If you want to be our partner,you need to credit a certain amount of deposit in ERALED account,detailes is the following list:?

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