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LED sign board, also called LED signboard, LED light box, color LED word, LED signboard, stores, LED signs LED dynamic advertising signs, LED signs and LED open signs. LED signboard is my company to use the new super bright LED (light emitting diode) combined with the development of the CPU programmable controller a practical than traditional neon light box, a province electricity saving energy (power for 6 to 12 W), safety, high brightness (than ordinary lamp improve 5 ~ 6 times), long service life (50000-100000 hours), stable performance and other advantages, is typical of "green" advertising light box, with market prospect is good. Suitable for various types of high-end restaurants, cafes, restaurants, bars, cafes, KTV, cake shop, ice cream shop bath, foot massage, hairdressing fitness, recreation and fitness, nightclub, club, a bowling alley, the hotel, the hotel chain supermarkets, department stores, upscale community the entrance and the front desk, Internet bar, travel agencies, and tourist attractions at the door the door, etc. In the family adornment, public, concerts, game, exhibition, supermarket electronic city, business stores will have a very extensive advertising the application. The product high quality taste honour, and green environmental protection, beautiful modelling, catch the eye has obvious effect, is the best advertising business choice!

LED display screen control system connection diagram

Module-Cabinet-LED display screen configuration diagram

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