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High brightness' curtain LED display

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High brightness curtain LED display beacuse it was pierced work and looks like curtain. It usually used on indoor. We can looked outdoor scenery through the curtain display. It is very light.

It usually used as the background of stage. Its pixel pitch is bigger than normal LED display. Its resolution and definition are lower than normal LED display. Because the transparent LED display has many empty hole, the brightness is reducing.

The transparent LED display needn’t to use so many lamps and so high brightness so that reduce the power consumption. Of course it will reduce the cost. But because there are many holes on the circuit board, it would be very easy to enter the dusty and water so that harm the screen body. So we should painted the glue of waterproof and dustproof to protect the screen.


1) Based on the customized design, outdoor display we supply can be customized on fit and size.
2) With good lightening accordance and no mosaic. Colors are appeared brighter and contrast is more strengthen. 
3) Can play different formats of image files, flash, WAV/MIDI, video signal from
TV, video signal from video and other equipment
4) Different video frequency can be changed freely at the same time, and the image can be enlarged and reduced
5) High brightness, and can be adjustable, meets the need of changing requirement of customer in environment. The outdoor LED display is suitable for long viewing distance application.


1. Product tehinical data documentation 
2. Software user manual
3. LED controller manual
4. Techinical drawing

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