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Energy saving LED display

Energy saving LED display


Energy saving is designed through Optimizing the product's circuit design to minimize heat loss; Selecting of higher brightness level LED lamps; Selecting lower voltage drive circuit chip; Choosing in control systems at lower voltage system solutions; Optimizing with cooling system to reduce energy consumption; 


1. Adopted high efficient switching-type stabilized power supply: based on high efficiency, energy saving concept, realized PFC and Synchronous rectifier circuit, measured date of efficiency up to 86%.
2. Control system adopted separated power supply system for light and drive, all equipment fed by AC power are realized ultra low voltage feeding without affecting stability.
3. New design for heat dissipation system: the most reasonable wire layout and modified heat dispatch arrangement, together with some ideas borrowed from EMC design standards, makes the whole heat dissipation system extraordinarily efficient
4. Display effect: save energy (30%-40) by using common led light without lowing brightness, thus save money for you.
 5.Adopted patented overall arrangement of electronic parts  owned by gengchuang electronics co., ltd, totally avoid problems such as  low grey mosaic ,unstable of voltage etc.
6.Adopted patented PCB wire layout design owned by gengchuang electronics co., ltd., totally avoid mosaic
7. Lower temperature: temperature of energy saving led display screen is very close to the temperature of human body. 50-60 grades lower than common non-energy-saving screens, considerably increased stability and thus increased life span.

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1. Product tehinical data documentation 
2. Software user manual
3. LED controller manual
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