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ERALED leads the way in LED display manufacturing & technology. Its outdoor & indoor commercial advertising LED display, rental use LED display, fixed installation LED  display,  stadium perimeter LED  display,  mobile trailer LED  display,   water floating LED  display,  transparent LED curtain display, LED digital billboard, LED mesh display screen for  skyscraper's decoration, arc LED  display,  LED components & complete LED full color video systems undergo stringent quality control at ISO 9001-certified manufacturing plants.[more]

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If you have interest to be our partner locally, pls let us know the following details:

1. Company registration document copy.
2. The financial report copy of last year.
3. The marketing and financial plan of LED display screen & LED lighting in the future.
4. We have no sole agent in your local district. [more]


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Tel:86-755-27592546 Email: sales@eraled.biz WhatsApp:+8613826200709 / +8613826200709 Skype:ERALEDdisplay